Manufacturing Excellence by Design™



  • Product Design Services
    EST provides design services to address Complex Electronic and System level designs with System Integration and Testing. EST’s Design Services can either participate in the product development cycle by lending expertise in various parts of the design or conduct the entire product development process to customer specifications. EST can also contribute to the product development by providing design for manufacturing (DFM) and design for testability (DFT) reviews along with comprehensive manufacturing test strategies
  • New Product Introduction (NPI)
    New Product Introduction is a business process that introduces new products to the market. At EST, NPI is a cross-functional business process that starts from designing a new product and continues till the product is transferred into volume manufacturing. This involves internal functional organizations and external suppliers or partners. To manage this endeavor, each customer is assigned a Program Manager. During the NPI phase, the program manager champions all of the customer’s needs by coordinating the projects through various functional groups.
  • Manufacturing Services
    EST focuses on low to medium quantity with high mix manufacturing. This requires more process engineering support, high flexibility and rapid responses. It also demands very experienced documentation and procurement staff, an ERP system and well controlled processes. EST offers a large spectrum of manufacturing solutions across several technologies. This includes Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly and Higher Level Assembly (HLA), including System Integration and Test.
  • Materials Management
    EST offers both Turnkey and Consigned Kit Manufacturing from prototypes up to volume production. The Materials Management service comprises of the following options:
    Full Turnkey: EST will procure and manage the materials and build as ordered.
    Partial Turnkey: The customer may supply some of the parts and EST will procure and manage the balance of the materials and then build as ordered.
    Consigned: The customer supplies all the parts in assembly ready kits.
    Managed Consigned: EST procures all parts and builds to order. But the customer pays for the materials directly to the suppliers.