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Materials Management

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EST offers both Turnkey and Consigned Kit Manufacturing from prototypes up to volume production. The Materials Management service comprises of the following options:
Full Turnkey: EST will procure and manage the materials and build as ordered.
Partial Turnkey: The customer may supply some of the parts and EST will procure and manage the balance of the materials and then build as ordered.
Consigned: The customer supplies all the parts in assembly ready kits.
Managed Consigned: EST procures all parts and builds to order. But the customer pays for the materials directly to the suppliers.

The Materials Management Cycle includes:

  • Supplier Qualification
  • MRP run
  • Procurement
  • Receiving
  • Receiving Inspection
  • Stocking
  • Kitting
  • Issue to WIP
  • De-Kitting
  • Return to stock
  • Finished Goods Inventory

EST’s experience in supply chain management affords it the ability to schedule the purchase of materials from various suppliers in order to build the boards and the enclosures. This is accomplished by the use of an ERP system. The Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) supports key Financial, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing business processes. EST consults with customers and their suppliers early in the component selection process, which ensures a steady supply focusing on costs and lead-times. The participants in the supply chain may view the MRP details (for their account) from remote. This allows them to plan ahead and keep the pipelines filled.
The buyers at EST have decades of experience in procurement will buy the exact parts specified by the customer AVL (Approved Vendors List). This approach to procurement will prevent unauthorized part substitutions and inappropriate part crosses.
In the event of market conditions where:

  • parts are put on allocation
  • parts are found to be obsolete
  • parts lead-times have been extended
  • parts availability is limited due to surge in customer demand
EST component engineers and buyers will research possible crosses or alternates and ask for customer permission to procure the parts.