Manufacturing Excellence by Design™


Additional Services:
- Product Design Services
- New Product Introduction
- Manufacturing Services
- Materials Management

Manufacturing Overview

EST focuses on low to medium quantity with high mix manufacturing. This requires more process engineering support, high flexibility and rapid responses. It also demands very experienced documentation and procurement staff, an ERP system and well controlled processes. EST offers a large spectrum of manufacturing solutions across several technologies. This includes Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly and Higher Level Assembly (HLA), including System Integration and Test.

PCB Assembly

  • Rigid and flexible double-sided PCB assembly
  • Populate all components sizes down to 0201
  • Fine and ultra fine pitch components (including BGAs, CSPs)
  • Active and Passive Optical Components mounting
  • Tin-Lead eutectic and ROHS compliant soldering processes
  • No-clean and water soluble solder processing available
  • AOI, Automatic Solder inspection and X-ray equipment
  • BGA rework system.
  • In-circuit, Flying probe, Functional and J-Tag testing capabilities.
  • Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)
  • Conformal Coating

Higher Level Assemblies (HLA)

  • Full Box build and System Integration
  • Prototype and NPI expertise
  • Turnkey manufacturing
  • Configure-to-order
  • Mechanical assembly
  • HLA system, environmental and safety testing
  • Functional test
  • Sustaining Engineering Support

Other Standard Services include:
Reprogramming of programmable devices
Test Programs and Fixtures
BGA, fine pitch and ultra fine pitch component replacement
Complex ECN installations and change management
Consigned or Turnkey orders
Consigned Materials Inventory Management
Documentation and Part Numbering System Management